Hi, I'm Christian

I'm a Performance Marketer that helps small businesses (yes, you!) get the most out of their ad dollars and scale - fast.

Your Problem

You're tired of wasting your hard earned money on ads that don't work

Stop watching Youtube, don't buy social media ad courses, and definitely don't go back to school. I've spent over +$20 million across various ad platforms and can tell you this - paid digital ads are both an art & science. If I were you, I'd spend my time growing the business vs trying to do ads the right way.

My Why

I love a good challenge and seeing my clients succeed

Aside from the "obvious" benefit of seeing my client's businesses take off on a new trajectory, I love a good challenge. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat etc are all based on algorithms - and my job is to figure out the best way to leverage them to achieve your business objectives. I absolutely thrive on this!

Our Solution

Minimize your wasted ad dollars and maximize your results

I don't expect that you'll be all-in right away, but I'd invite you to pick my brain about the digital marketing problem you're facing and how I'd go about solving it. If there's any guarantee that I can offer, it's that you'll come out of our consultation wiser and more informed.

Take the Next Step

Book a 1:1 Discovery Call

Let's chat and determine if I'm able to help you reach your advertising goals